Easy Setup Videos

Welcome to the Easy Setup Video page. Upon our request these videos were graciously provided by Geoff Ronning – creator of Stealth Seminar. Watch as he explains (step-by-step) the functions and features of automating your automated webinar replays on Stealth Seminar.

Video 1:

In this video we look at the basic control panel layout.


Video 2:

Here we configure our Amazon S3 bucket to house our prerecorded webinar events.


Video 3:

In video 3, we are shown how to setup our S3 Bucket to communicate with our Stealth Seminar account.


Webinar Replay Service

Video 4:

This video focuses on creating a simple automated webinar event.


Video 5:

In video 5 we look at setting up a more advanced automated webinar event.


Video 6:

This video details the process of configuring a registration page for your automated webinar.


Video 7:

Video 7 explores the more advanced features of Stealth Seminar, and how they can increase your overall profit factor per each event.


Webinar Automatic Replay